Deborah Dor

Consulting Partner
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Deborah is a Consulting Partner at Assay Advisory, with a focus on Business Development.


With ever increasing complexities facing most business owners today, with any fall in sales, the core issues businesses need to deal with are around trust and control.


With over 3 decades experience supporting business growth, Deborah’s product resolves these issues by addressing the key elements which adversely affect the sales process. Deborah helps clients build revenue growth ‘systems’ which unlike a carrot and stick approach, drive business growth.


Tailored products differ from any competition because her expertise is gained in building fast growth, award winning businesses. Deborah has a no-nonsense approach and blends world class IP with a hybrid consulting / coaching methodology to specifically address different operational issues.


When clients invest in resolving these issues, they create:


  • A fully functioning sales team
  • Continuous cashflow so the Board can focus with confidence on corporate strategy to become market leaders
  • An asset which will increase the business’s equity value