Assay Consulting


Our consulting team work with owners where Personal, Market or Financial events means their businesses remains unleveraged.

Assay Consulting runs a process that:


  1. Provides clarity around the business’ true value today and potential future value.
  2. Instils an investor lens mindset in the owner.
  3. Empowers owners to accelerate through this inflection point.

Assay’s proven methodology increases the value and attractiveness of a business by focusing particularly on
M in the formula: V (valuation) = P (profit) x M (multiple).

Who we work with


Assay work with CEOs and owner managed middle market businesses that are primed ready to grow, or to exit. Our clients are usually looking for professionals who have walked a similar journey, with a track record in growing a business, raising capital and selling their own business. Typically, clients have not sold a business before. Some clients choose to maintain their independence, while others prefer a sale to a Global 1000 corporation or a strategic partner.

Who we are


We are a partnership of former business owners, operating executives and investment bankers with offices in London and Birmingham. Our founders developed the Assay service offering after 20 years of experience building their own companies. We have a deep understanding of how middle market businesses operate and have advised 3,000 businesses in over 30 countries.


The goal in creating Assay was to combine an analytical and quantitative framework with extensive transaction experience in a way that enables us to transfer our knowledge to business owners. Our unique service offering blends the organisational transformation elements of consulting with the strategic elements of finance.

What do we do?


Assay have fully developed specific offerings to help clients.  These typically fall into three phases, depending where the client is on their business journey.


1. Assess: Context – True Value


We work with clients to assess their current situation, producing an Equity Acceleration Plan (EAP℠). The assessment gathers all relevant data that will enable us to assess ‘the business’ in terms of its valuation today, the risks and accelerators that sit in the business, the desires and intentions of the business owners and its eventual potential valuation.


2. Transform: Context – Investor lens


The Equity Acceleration Plan (EAP℠) is a co-created roadmap for your business to:


  • Return to growth, accelerate growth organically or by acquisition
  • Prepare it for full or partial exit
  • Strategise to optimise future profits


The plan also aligns the equity legacy with a clearly articulated business vision.


We are then able to provide you and your team with help and advice to meet your stated goals.  We work with CEOs, business owners and senior management across all sectors to provide the vital foundations to achieve your outcomes, such as;


  • Business coaching, consultancy, workshops, strategic retreats, training, facilitation and mentoring
  • Design and implementation of strategic growth plans
  • Strategic business support at CEO and board level
  • Asset identification to increase investor valuation
  • Culture Integration Systems


3. Transact: Context – Partnership


Assay Corporate Finance and Jasper Private Equity are partner firms responsible for the execution of transactions arising from Assay Consulting’s equity strategy advice. Our corporate finance teams combine experience of owning and running a business with the process of maximising equity value for middle market business owners. Visit Assay Corporate Finance and Jasper Private Equity for more information.

Why clients work with us?


Our client assignments are typically owner-driven where the business is middle or mid-tier (5m-250m+ in revenues). Business leadership may be in the hands of one individual, the owner, or a small management team. Many of our clients’ businesses are family-run companies, usually without private equity.


Although many clients are experienced business owners, they are often unaware of the valuation formula (V = P x M). We can provide unexpected insights into the value of their assets and help clients appreciate their company from a buyer’s perspective.


Clients often say, “I really don’t know who to trust. It feels like leaping from a height without a parachute!” What they recognise immediately is that our advisors have experienced all the highs and lows of business start-up, growth and exit.


We work with our clients to prove the value of their business and give them the freedom to choose, safe and secure in the knowledge that they have created the legacy they envisioned.

How we can help?


At Assay we put your aspirations at the heart of our process and focus on building a partnership that will lead to the realization of your goals and your legacy. Our team is focused on your personal and business goals throughout and we will work with you to develop a strategy to grow, find the right money or sell your business.

Our consulting team

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