Assay: ă-sā – Verb


Assay is a verb whose definition is to

“examine and determine the content and quality of” ( “a business”)


Assay is a hybrid corporate finance and consulting house with a unique blend of proven strategic advisory and transaction services.


Our mission is to help owners of privately held businesses derive the highest equity value for their businesses on an exit event.


We work with owners and management teams who are looking to exit today or in the future and who want to:


Prepare for a full or partial exit (now or in the future).

Accelerate their growth organically or by acquisition.

Want to optimise future profits.

Merger Announcement


We are pleased to announce the merger of Regent Partners LLP (“Regent”) with Assay Corporate Finance Limited (“Assay”) as of 31st March 2019. The new firm, Regent Assay Limited (“Regent Assay”), operates in the mid-market across all business sectors with strong specialist skills in TMT. It has a combined team of 22 and offices in London, Birmingham and the Thames Valley.


We are in the process or developing a new website which will be launched shortly at

We specialise in advising on:


  • Disposals (Sale Mandates)
  • Acquisitions (including MBO’s & MBI’s) (Buy Mandates)
  • Financing and fundraising
  • Corporate advisory and consulting (Assay’s Equity Acceleration Plan)


Behind Assay’s success is its people, a highly experienced team of business professionals who have considerable transaction experience. Many of the team have themselves been owner managers who have exited businesses giving them a unique insight and empathy with our clients.


Assay is proud to be an Affiliate member of IMAP, an exclusive global leading middle market M&A advisory firm with 67 offices in 35 countries, consistently ranked among the Top 6 M&A advisors (Thomson Reuters) for mid-market transactions.


  • IMAP gives Assay a truly global delivery capability able to work seamlessly across borders
  • IMAP’s advisors close at least one deal every working day across the globe.
  • Global deal flow leads to superior market intelligence and insights into key transaction dynamics.

Why Experience Matters


Very simply, our experience gives our clients peace of mind about their most important business deals.


Firstly, there is no learning curve. Over the years, we have arranged a multitude of deals from the sale of small family owned companies to major multinationals. We have acquired the knowledge to advise companies on the best way for them to attract buyers and higher sale prices. We know which buyers pay a premium and why.


Our network of contacts means that we can draw in extra resource or expertise as required in order to provide the best service and also provides us access to significant specialist transaction experience.


Our experience has given us the resilience to understand that obstacles are there to be overcome and finally and most importantly, we know that no two deals are ever the same. That’s why we create bespoke investment strategies in order to custom-make the most appropriate process to get our clients the right result.







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